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A personal message from
Evie Delaney, CDT/Paramedical Artist & Founder
The Nouveau Clinic – Cosmetic Restoration Specialists

“I started The Nouveau Clinic 19 years ago as a true heart calling.  My motivation came from a place of personal experience, and a desire to make a real difference in people’s lives.  As a child, my own mother was a two-time burn survivor.  Through her life challenges, I saw first-hand the cosmetic hurdles she faced and overcame on a daily basis to maintain her appearance.  I learned early about the “mind-body” connection, and that our opinion of our appearance, can positively or negatively affect our self-esteem.

My mother’s personal journey, turned my own life toward a career of service, through the dynamic field of cosmetic restoration.  As a paramedical cosmetic artist, I am keenly aware of the issues my clients face in our youth-focused culture.  Hair loss, aging skin and medical conditions are just a few of the challenges that affect the appearance.  These concerns are not just physical, but deeply emotional.  Whether it’s a desire to age more gracefully, or paramedical enhancements, my company’s goal is to help each client express their best self through desired improvements to their physical appearance.

It is such an honor to wake up every day and do what I love.  I am truly blessed to be of service to all the men and women who walk through our doors every week.  I feel honored when a client tells me, or a member of my staff, that we have made a real difference in their lives.  I am also deeply humbled and appreciative when a client or physician affiliate refers their patients, friends or family members for our services.

I wanted to take a moment to say a special thank you to all the clients who volunteered to give their “personal and unscripted” testimonials about their experiences at The Nouveau Clinic.

On behalf of myself and my dedicated staff, I thank you for your patronage, your kind words, your loyalty, the laughter — and most importantly, your willingness to share your journey with others on our website”




A. Tate
Cartersville, GA.

“Brows for Mother's Day”

I gave my mother “Eyebrows” this year for Mother's Day. Now that she is older, her brows are gray and very thin - and she has trouble seeing to put her make-up on properly. A friend of mine from work had recently had her own eyebrows applied permanently by Evie from the Nouveau Clinic. I couldn't believe how natural they looked, so after visiting the Nouveau Clinic's web site, I scheduled a consultation for my mom and myself. My mom and I were so impressed with Evie's knowledge, references and portfolio - we “both” decided to go ahead and have our brows done at the same time. It was an impulse thing for me, but my mother says it's the best gift she has ever gotten. Now we both look great! I would highly recommend Evie and the Nouveau Clinic to any woman who wants great looking brows!

M. Crabtree
Atlanta, Ga.

“I love everything about them”

Having my brows replaced with permanent make-up was the best thing I have ever done. It makes putting on my make-up so much easier and my eyes look so much better. I love everything about them and it is the best money I have ever spent. Evie was great and it was a very easy, painless procedure.