“Brows for Mother's Day”

I gave my mother “Eyebrows” this year for Mother's Day. Now that she is older, her brows are gray and very thin - and she has trouble seeing to put her make-up on properly. A friend of mine from work had recently had her own eyebrows applied permanently by Evie from the Nouveau Clinic. I couldn't believe how natural they looked, so after visiting the Nouveau Clinic's web site, I scheduled a consultation for my mom and myself. My mom and I were so impressed with Evie's knowledge, references and portfolio - we “both” decided to go ahead and have our brows done at the same time. It was an impulse thing for me, but my mother says it's the best gift she has ever gotten. Now we both look great! I would highly recommend Evie and the Nouveau Clinic to any woman who wants great looking brows!