FAQ Stretch Marks

A stretch mark must be at least 3 months old before we can begin any scar treatments. Our goal when the scar is new, is to just support the body’s natural remodeling process. Early stretch marks may be treated with Oxygen, LED Light therapy, Retinol (Vitamin A), Collagen Infusion and post treatment products.   Your Technician will make recommendations.

Stretch Marks must be a minimum of 6 months old (+) prior to treatment with MCA Micro-needling therapy.

Older Stretch marks will respond well to a combination of MCA, Micro-needling and post care therapy. Your technician will evaluate the overall health of your skin and create a customized treatment program for you.

* We cannot treat stretch marks during pregnancy

MCA is considered a completely natural scar therapy because it works by prompting the body’s own inherent healing systems. It does not remove or negatively affect the skin or the outer layers of the scar. Immediately after an MCA treatment, the scar tissue in the stretch mark will go through a process of repairing and remodeling itself – slowly replacing the damaged tissue with new, healthier skin.

The actual MCA treatment is relatively quick and painless, and stretch marks can usually be treated in a 30 to 60 minute appointment. A topical anesthetic is used to numb the treatment site prior to the procedure. The treatment itself is very shallow in the skin and causes a small amount of redness in the treatment site, which goes away in about 5 to 7 days for most people. You will need to wear loose clothing to your appointment so the treated areas will not be irritated from rubbing against your clothes.

You will notice the texture and the color of the stretch marks begin to change after the very first treatment. The shiny areas will begin to subside, and the scars will begin returning to a more normal coloring. If the stretch marks are lighter than the surrounding skin, we generally recommend careful, and limited sun exposure after each MCA treatment to jumpstart the production of melanin. Melanin is contained in cells called “Melanocytes”. They are the cells in your skin that give your skin its color. Because Melanocytes are located at the bottom of the Epidermis, (the top layer of skin); they are easily stimulated to re-pigment lighter areas.

Generally we start you off with three-to-four treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart.

We then permit the skin to rest for several months before evaluating if future treatments might be needed. Healthy skin and overall good skin elasticity is very important to how well the stretch marks will respond to our treatments. If your skin has lost elasticity from weight loss or pregnancy, we will have to work to tighten the skin in the areas of the stretch marks with a different skin modality.   We offer non-invasive radio frequency for sculpting and toning the skin anywhere on the body . This is a separate service offered by our clinic.

MCA micro-needling, works well for all skin types and is particularly successful on darker complexions for blending, if the stretch marks are lighter than the surrounding skin.

If your stretch marks are darker, or if you skin is sensitive, we may recommend using products to pretreat the skin, and to use as a post care preventative to prevent hyper-pigmentation.

MCA, Micro-needling can be done year round. Protected sun exposure will not hurt your results. You only need to allow for two weeks before going swimming or sunbathing. You can resume working out after 72 hours.




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