Stretch Mark Therapy (Old or New)

In a day and age where weight-loss and weight-gain can happen in the blink of an eye, stretch marks are quite commonplace. But they don’t have to be. With our unique micro-needling process, we can improve the color and look of these stretch marks. This therapy uses micro-needles to help normalize the skin beneath the stretch marks to give a more even appearance. Finally, the cellular matrix of the skin is rejuvenated through post-treatment products.

MCA Micro-Needling for Stretch Marks

MCA therapy is an ultra-precise version of clinical dermal needling used to treat stretch marks. Often referred to as dry tattooing, or dry-needling, there is no pigment or ink used. The scars are simply treated by needling the skin, creating microscopic wounds in a painless procedure. Ultimately, your body will respond to the treatment by producing new collagen, elastin, and melanocytes. Although it sounds complicated, this stimulation of the skin promotes natural healing inside your body.


When Can You Start Treatment?

Stretch marks must be at least 6 months old to treat with MCA therapy. The only exception is that we can not treat a pregnant woman’s stretch marks. Ultimately, all stretch marks are different and will require their own custom treatment.

How Many Sessions of MCA Will Be Required?

Normally, you will start off with three or four treatments approximately four to six weeks apart. Then we let the skin rest, heal, and remodel itself before we evaluate again. Your technician will advise you on how many treatments and which topical applications to use.

When Will I See Results from MCA Therapy?

After the first treatment, you’ll notice the color and feel of your stretch marks will change. Shiny areas will be prominent at first, then begin to fade and scars will return to normal colors. Afterward, if the marks are lighter than the surrounding skin, we employ a careful sunlight process. Carefully, and in limited amounts sunlight is just fine to help blend the old and new.

How Long Do MCA Treatments Last?

The short answer is forever. After multiple treatments, the results are even better. Furthermore, each set of results and scar improvements are permanent. The stretch marks that have been camouflaged, or healed, will look that way for good.

For more information about MCA micro-needling or to schedule your stretch mark therapy consultation, call us at 404-936-6931.