LED Cool Light Skin Therapy (non-laser)

LED Cool Light Skin Therapy (non-laser)

The Rejuvenation Benefits of LED   “Light Energy” Therapy

LED stands for light-emitting-diodes. When we refer to the LED light used for therapeutic purposes for the skin or as a therapy to improve certain conditions in the body, we are actually referring to infrared LED.  Light is a crucial nourishment for our bodies cells.  We absorb light through our eyes and our skin.  Our bodies need light to stimulate cell rejuvenation, just as plants need the light to stimulate photosynthesis; (the process that enables absorption of nutrients from the soil and water).   Light triggers energy within our bodies, and this in turn stimulates all the necessary chemical reactions between our cells.

LED technology was first developed by NASA to grow plants and to heal wounds in the skin.  Unlike laser treatments, LED therapy poses none of the same risks, because LED light is not as dense or concentrated as laser light. The LED therapy uses specific color wavelengths of light that penetrate the skin at varying depths to stimulate, heal or normalize the skin.  LED light is usually administered in 20 to 30 minute treatments, and is painless and non-invasive.  Treatments can be given through hand-held devices or by laying under an LED lamp.  Although the light does penetrate deep into the tissues, it will not heat-up or inflame the skin the way a laser would.  This makes it safe for all complexions.

For Anti-Aging & Healing

As an anti-aging facial, LED works by sending energy producing light into the skin to boost collagen production.  The Red Light Spectrum ofLEDstimulates the fibroblasts, the protein molecules that produce collagen.Red light stimulates the skin’s mitochondria, or energy cells.  Stimulated mitochondria make older cells behave more like younger cells.  Repeated treatments will plump the skin and increase the skin’s ability to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients.  This helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, UV damage, and redness.  An LED treatment can easily be squeezed into a lunch break or a hectic work schedule.

Although LED is not as aggressive as a laser or IPL treatment, a series of treatments will deliver similar results without the expense, and with no risks or negative side effects.  Red light therapy can be combined with other light spectrums to promote faster healing of severe burns, difficult-to-heal wounds, muscle and tendon sprains, and damaged skin.

For Acne

One of the most popular clinical acne treatments cleared by the (FDA) is blue-light therapy.  Blue light works by killing the acne-causing bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes, or P.  This is the bacteria that causes inflammation in acne. In effect, blue-light therapy can help reduce acne by decreasing the amount of inflammation-causing bacteria that lives just below the surface of the skin. It is best for mild to moderate inflammatory acne conditions.

Hyper-pigmentation, Burns, Rosacea, Redness

The rejuvenating benefits of LED’s green light therapy can help to improve pigmentation issues from UV sun damage and chronic skin inflammation.   The green light can be combined with Red or Yellow light spectrums, or used alone.  It reduces   the appearance of facial redness, broken capillaries and rosacea.  A combination of both the Red and Green lights can be used to heal sunburns, as well as first and second degree burns.    LED can also help to fade the appearance of freckles, as well as age spots. Hyper pigmentation and melanin problems that are age related, also respond well to LED green light therapy.

glowing skin from LED light therapyBenefits From Each Treatment:

  • Revitalizes Skin’s Appearance
  • Rejuvenates and Stimulates Collagen
  • Heals and Restores Metabolic Functions

a woman's face before receiving LED Light Therapy

Before LED Light Therapies

a woman's face after receiving Anti-Aging LED Light Therapy

After LED Light Therapies

The perfect gift for Birthday’s, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentines Day or any day that you want to make special for someone you love.

LED Cool Light Therapies FAQ

The various colors of light used in an LED treatment, affects our skin cells at the cellular level. Light spectrums used include, Red, Amber, Blue, Green and White. As the light is absorbed by the skin, it stimulates the cells to dilate, which assists in carrying oxygen and nutrients directly to the skin. Cells in the human body will convert this light into ATP, which is the fuel that powers our bodies on a cellular level. (Plant cells have a similar process called photosynthesis that develops chlorophyll, their fuel for life). LED lights are similar to Lasers inasmuch as they can emit the same light, but differ in the way that the light energy is delivered. Lasers are focused beam, single wavelength light emitters that can be intense enough to burn or cut tissue. However, LEDs do not deliver enough power to damage tissue. They do deliver enough energy to stimulate a response from the body to heal itself.   A typical Clinical LED Light treatment is approximately 20- minutes. Best results will be obtained if you can have two treatments a week while treating specific problems or conditions of the skin. Once a week or month thereafter. Results can be seen immediately. Benefits increase over 72 hours, and are cumulative.



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