Scar Tattooing | Permanent Skin Camouflage

Mosaic Scar Treatment

Best Candidates for Scar Tattooing?

– The scars we are camouflaging must be lighter than the surrounding skin  

– The scars cannot be red or pink or overly irregular

– Scars cannot be brown or darker than the surrounding skin (we cannot tattoo light skin colors over dark areas)

– The scars must be at least one-year-old

* PLEASE NOTE:  Clients with Vitiligo, are not candidates for scar tattooing with permanent skin camouflage.  

Mosaic scar tattooing is a pigment-based tattooing technique used to cover up several different types of scars. Scar types include:

  • Hypo-pigmented scars (scars that appear lighter than your natural skin)
  • Burn scars
  • Burn grafts
  • Mohs cancer surgery scars
  • Facelift scars

How Does Mosaic Scar Tattooing Work?

Mosaic scar tattooing is a non-surgical scar therapy that uses layers of tiny dots to make scars disappear. It truly is one of the best ways to hide scars because of how well it mimics the color variance in a person’s skin. By using 3 to 5 layers of color in a micro-dot pattern, we can create a camouflage that is nearly identical to your skin.

It can take several sessions to completely obscure the scar. The mosaic scar tattoo can last between 1 to 3 years before needing a touch up. Touch-up sessions are quick and easy, so no worries.

Why Get a Scar Tattoo?

Scar Tattooing - Mosaic Scar Treatment
Scarring is part of the body’s natural healing process when dealing with a cut or scratch. When a laceration goes beneath the dermis layer, the body will increase the collagen production in that area. This process changes the color and structure of the skin in that area, creating what we call a scar.

Depending on the cut’s depth, scars can last a very long time, sometimes never fully disappearing. While some scars may be small or easy to hide, others can be more noticeable, causing emotional distress.

Mosaic scar tattooing gives scar sufferers the chance to get back what they lost. Nothing makes us happier than helping someone take pride in their skin again.

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