Scar Revision with MCA Therapy

Scars that are prevalent in your life can make or break your spirit, depending on where they are. There are so many causes of scars, and some are so old that we often forget about them. But for people who suffer from the poor aesthetic look of scars from the following, we offer a solution.

  • cancer surgeries
  • transplants
  • medical treatments
  • accidents
  • botched surgeries
  • acne

The solution we offer is called MCA Scar Revision Therapy, or micro-needling. With our custom micro-needling process, we can improve the look and texture of scars. MCA therapy uses microscopic needles to normalize the skin in and underneath the scars to help even out the skin. Finally, the cellular matrix of the skin is rejuvenated through post-treatment products.

scar revision

Scar before and after

MCA Micro-Needling for Scar Revision

MCA therapy is a supremely precise style of clinical dermal needling used to treat and revise scars. No inks or pigments are used, and it’s often referred to as dry tattooing. The treatment is effectively done by creating minute wounds through needling the skin, all of which is a painless procedure. Finally, your body produces new collagen, melanocytes, and elastin to start the healing process.

How Many Sessions of MCA Will Be Required?

Generally, at the beginning, you’ll have three to four treatments about four or six weeks apart. Gradually, you’ll be evaluated by our clinicians and they’ll determine if more treatments are necessary. Your dermal technician will help come up with a plan of attack to get rid of the scars that affect you.

scar revision

How Soon Will I See Effects from MCA Therapy?

The effects from micro-needling are quite immediate. You’ll notice the feel and appearance of your scars start to change almost instantly. Some areas may appear glossy at first but will begin to fade and the scars will even out.   Afterward, if the marks are lighter than the surrounding skin, we employ a careful sunlight process. Carefully, and in limited amounts sunlight is just fine to help blend the old and new.

How Will MCA Therapy Results Last?

The results are permanent once you’ve healed. That doesn’t mean that one treatment solves all problems, as some scars are worse and require multiple treatments. Oftentimes, the effects from multiple treatments are paramount to that of those being treated one or two times.  Furthermore, each set of scar improvements is permanent.

For more information about MCA micro-needling or to schedule a scar revision consultation, call us at 404-936-6931.