Receding Hairline Treatments

Does a receding hairline run in your family? Are you affected by a receding hairline? Do you have a lack of confidence because of your receding hairline? Have you noticed your hair might be receding lately? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the scalp micro-pigmentation treatments we use at Nouveau Face and Body might just be the solution for you or your loved ones. Our techniques for scalp micro-pigmentation have been honed for over 15 years, each year upgrading and updating to the latest technologies and skillsets.

A receding hairline typically bears no physical impairments, nor does it require medical treatment. But the feelings that many men who have receding hairlines walk around with are those of inadequacy, unattractiveness, and low self-esteem. There are many individuals who don’t experience any of these feelings. Still, there are handfuls that feel like their poor hairline could be the only thing holding them back in life, work, and relationships. These fears can be quelled with the advent of scalp micro-pigmentation. This process can allow you to regain your confidence, reinflate your self-esteem, and reinvigorate your fire for life and all of its beautiful facets.

Lots of our clients come to us after years and years of feeling old before their time. Many clients have been treated in their early twenties, because of early onset hair thinning. Unfortunately, this is totally normal, however, it doesn’t have to be your only option. Multitudes of people – both men and women – are affected by hair thinning and hair loss. At Nouveau Clinic, we are glad to offer a solution.

The list of clients we’ve treated consists of men and women who have wasted countless dollars on over-the-counter hair loss solutions, only to suffer side effects including E.D and poor sex drive. We’ve also had clients who have gone to such great lengths that they wear hair systems like weaves, wigs, or concealers to disguise their alopecia.