What Can Scalp-micro-pigmentation Offer Me?

What Can Scalp-micro-pigmentation Offer Me?


  • We can permanently camouflage transplant scars from FUE or strip surgery techniques
  • We can use scalp-micro-pigmentation in combination with your hair transplant grafts to build density and the illusion of more volume
  • We can revitalize a receding or irregular front or side profile
  • We can camouflage Alopecia Areata / Male pattern baldness
  • We can simulate todays contemporary, stylish “short cropped or buzzed look”
  • We are ethnic skin specialists

Micropigmentation for Men - Nouveau Clinic

Micropigmentation for Women - Nouveau Clinic


  • We can add the illusion of more density in thinning crown hair if you have enough hair remaining for blending.
  • We can camouflage spot hair loss from hormones, chemicals, extensions and weaves
  • We can camouflage spot thinning
  • We can add “delicate shading” intermittently around the front hair line (* Not applicable for all individuals)
  • We can camouflage scars from cosmetic surgery in scalp and hairline
  • We can camouflage Alopecia Areata

Scalp Micropigmentation - Nouveau Clinic

PLEASE NOTE:  CROWN HAIR LOSS FOR MEN:  If you want to keep your hair longer, we  do not recommended scalp micro-pigmentation for covering the back crown of the head.  For best results, you must have some hair remaining or transplanted into the crown area to blend into the illusion.  Scalp micro-pigmentation works best as a cosmetic solution for camouflaging hair loss if you are willing to keep a close cropped or buzzed style.  With the hair shorter, we can effectively camouflage your crown hair loss by using follicle simulation to blend into the shorter hair style.
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