Am I a candidate for Permanent Makeup?

If you are in good physical health and could have an out-patient procedure, you are a
good candidate for permanent cosmetics. The following is a “partial list” of individuals
that we feel are not good candidates for this type of tattoo process:

  • Pregnant women
  • Hemophiliac (bleeding disorder)
  • HIV Positive or HEP B or C
  • Active Infections (Staff, Cold Sores, Contagious Skin Lesions)
  • Individuals with Liver Disease

If you have questions or concerns about conditions not listed here, please contact our  office for a confidential assessment.

MEDICATIONS:  Please note that certain medications can affect how a tattoo holds or processes in the  skin. Some medications can cause a spike in the PH of the skin and cause a premature  fading or a graying of the color. Additional touch up sessions or early booster sessions  may be required to adjust color or artistry if this happens. We cannot predict which  medications will affect tattoos as most individuals take one or more prescriptions  medications, and all medications affect the skin.