Are Permanent Cosmetics really permanent?

Permanent makeup is the name given to the “cosmetic” tattoo process. The application of  permanent cosmetics will last most individuals up to 18 months or longer before requiring a  color booster. Unlike traditional tattoos, permanent cosmetic colors are more delicate, have  larger molecules and are designed to mimic, hair, skin and makeup tones. These colors are  less intense than traditional tattoo pigments, and therefore will fade sooner. Additionally,  cosmetic tattoos are applied just under the surface of the skin in the top layer of the dermis.  They are shallow tattoos and are therefore more susceptible to fading and UV damage.  Every person is different with how well pigment holds in their skin. You can lengthen the life  of your permanent cosmetics by protecting your skin from the sun and improving overall  skin maintenance. Most people will choose to have their permanent makeup color boosted  within one to three years of the original procedure.