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MicroChanneling is the newest skin rejuvenating procedure developed to safely correct the deeper imperfections in the skin. This treatment is ideal for most skin types and can repair and improve a variety of cosmetic concerns, without the risks associated with more aggressive methods of skin rejuvenation.

“MicroChanneling is considered an evolution in micro-needling combining Human Stem Cell Therapy and better micro-needling technology.

This amazing clinical treatment is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skin procedures for turning back the clock, repairing skin, and rejuvenating the scalp. With as few as two to six treatments, MicroChanneling has been clinically shown to significantly diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, brown spots and scars. A series of monthly treatments will result in noticeable, cumulative and long lasting improvements in the skin and scalp’s overall condition. It can be performed monthly on most skin types.

MicroChanneling procedures can be administered as a stand alone therapy or paired with other rejuvenation technologies to intensify the benefits. The patented Procell MicroChanneling device, utilizes a special stamping technique, with fine gauge needles. This advanced delivery system was developed by a Dermatologist, to penetrate the skin in a precise vertical fashion. This creates delicate micro-injuries with absolute depth control and treatment precision. The micro-channels created extend just below the surface of the skin and are used as “pathways” to deliver peptides, cytokines and human stem cells, into the deeper layers of the skin. MicroChanneling’s exacting delivery system is what leads to the desired changes in the skin, without the normal downtime associated with more invasive skin and scalp rejuvenation therapies.

The Procell Difference, A Patented MicroChanneling System

The ProCell MicroChanneling device provides the skin with a safe, effective, targeted micro-needling treatment . The Procell Serums used with this treatment, are what set this therapy apart from all other needling treatments. All of the products used with the ProCell MicroChanneling delivery system have been specifically formulated to stimulate the growth of new healthy skin. The Procell equipment works in conjunction with Livra-brand Micro-needling Solutions, Serums, and Accelerators,and are created using state of the art, human stem cell technology. Procell’s patented Stem cell therapy is designed to increase the cell-to-cell communication necessary to offer optimal skin rejuvenation “post treatment”. Together with the Procell MicroChanneling procedure, these products augment the skin’s healing cascade for its duration, which lasts about one month.