Permanent Eyebrow Solutions

Permanent Eyebrow Solutions to Improve Appearance

The Nouveau Clinic has shown time and again that they are the leaders in the fine art of eyebrow restoration and permanent eyebrow solutions. After nearly two decades of furthering our knowledge, and literally thousands of cosmetic restoration procedures, we’ve perfected 3D brown simulation. The use of specialized tattooing techniques has allowed us to hone our skills and neatly and effectively offer brow solutions for a plethora of clients. The clientele we serve is not comprised of one race or ethnicity. In fact, all skin types, colors, and sexes are prime candidates for our services and each case is unique for our experienced cosmetic technicians and their respective portfolios.

How it Works

The simulation of brow-hair relies on a specialized combo of scientific advances and artistic talent. By mimicking your unique hair and hair-growth patterns, our technicians are able to replicate absent brow-hair with individual and distinct tattoo strokes. Using semi-permanent aesthetic tattoo pigments, and applying with a deft and skillful hand allows our clients to have the most striking and natural-looking brows that no one would ever guess are augmented. Unlike traditional tattooing, no hair need be removed to complete this process. The thin spots become full, the dull spots become bold, and our client’s confidence soars with their new, real-looking brows. The 3D effect comes in by the artist using layered colors of anywhere from three to five tones in multifarious passes during each procedure.

Not Typical Tattooing

A completed brow restoration can be implemented over one to two sessions, depending on the severity of hair loss or thinning, and the individual’s capacity of retaining pigment. Another factor that is different than that of normal tattooing for permanent brow solutions is the delicacy with which the procedure is handled. It’s not a set of needles boring down into your skin and causing the client great agony. It’s subtle and the results last between one-and-a-half to three years until a booster might be required to refurbish small details and colors that may have been lost over time. The advantage this gives is when your hair or style changes, you can then change your brows and their appearance as well. If cosmetic tattoos are not touched up regularly, fading over time is inevitable.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After
Should you have sparse or sporadic hairs that remain, the permanent brow solutions will offer a blend into those hairs to hide the restoration process. If your eyebrows are all but gone or are completely gone, there is no need to fear. Nouveau’s technicians will gladly help you regain the brows you had or help you achieve the ones you never have. The goal our staff members share is to increase the confidence in your appearance and enhance your features with a customized aesthetic plan that resembles real natural brows.