Permanent Lip Color
Permanent lip enhancement and medical restoration services can dramatically improve your appearance if you struggle with any of these conditions:
Thin lip lines
Pigment Correction
Shape Correction
Loss Volume
Fine Lines In Mouth
Asymetric issues
Cleft Palette
Surgery Scars

Permanent Lip enhancement

Permanent lip enhancement provides the ideal cosmetic and medical restoration solution for women and men who want to wake-up everyday with lip color or shaping that doesn’t bleed or disappear. The Nouveau Clinic offers a customized palette of enhanced natural lip tones for individuals who have a fair complexion up to a “LIGHT OLIVE” complexion. Your lip tone must also be a very light olive or lighter for a successful procedure. Our artists can blend colors to match your lip tissue (in the case of a restoration procedure), or we can compliment a favorite lipstick shade. Our Atlanta permanent lip artistry can easily correct or enhance thin lips, irregular lip lines, or restore lost lip pigmentation.

Who is not a candidate for Cosmetic Lip Enhancement?

Individuals whose natural lip color is a dark flesh tone or a deep brown are not candidates for cosmetic lip enhancement. We cannot tattoo dark skin lighter and no amount of colored tattoo pigment can cover dark areas in the lips. We also cannot introduce light or bright “lipstick inspired” colors into dark skin and achieve a satisfactory result.

Lip Color for Ethnic Skin – (For Individuals of Color)

In some instances, we can add missing brown tones into just the lip-line to reshape or re-define the edges of your mouth. However, we cannot tattoo brown lip color into the interior portion of the lips if you have vitiligo or white or pink spots. The loss of pigment in the interior of the lip is generally an auto-immune or genetic pre-disposition and tattoo pigment does not hold well in these areas for any length of time.

Permanent lip color will last approximately 18 months to 3 years before fading.

Have you ever had cold sores or fever blisters in your lifetime?

If you have ever had cold sores in your lifetime, we recommend you get a prescription for an (anti-viral) medication such as VALTREX or ZOVIRAX prior to your procedure. Lip Tattooing, cosmetic or medical can activate the dormant virus in your body. Your doctor will usually provide a dosage of 1 -gram a day for 7 to 10 days to suppress an unwelcome outbreak of cold sores during the healing process. Please get one refill in the event you need or want a touch-up.

You will need to start taking the medication a minimum of 3 to 5 days ahead of your procedure and continue until the medication is gone.

You're Ready

How do you get started?

It begins with a Consultation. We have several options available.

Free Online Estimate

This is just a “quick-quote” process to give you an idea of cost for your restoration service. The on-line evaluation is not designed to replace the face-to-face design consultation which will be completed at the time you have your restoration service. If you have a medical condition, require corrective work or a re-design services to another artists’ work; or if you would like to have a patch test, you will need to schedule a face-to-face consult prior to your service.

Please go to our Free Evaluation Page to learn more.

Free Evaluation

30-Minute "Mini-Consult" - To Preview Artisty & Meet the Artist

This is a face-to-face design and evaluation appointment with one of our Restoration Artists. The in-office consult fee is $50 dollars. The consulation fee will be applied towards the cost of the procedure, if scheduled within 30 days of the consult appointment.

(The fee will be forfeited if the procedure is not booked within this time frame).

The face-to-face consultation gives you an opportunity to meet with your artist and determine if Permanent Lip Enhancement (Cosmetic or Medical) is for you. Additionally, this meeting helps us to determine if you are a good candidate for this service. It also gives you an opportunity to have all of your questions about the procedure and post care answered. Here's what your consultation will include:

A Cosmetic Evaluation

We will review your medical history, lifestyle requirements and design requests to determine if you are a good candidate for this restoration process. Photographs may be taken.

A Cosmetic Preview

Your Restoration Artist will create a mock-up of your new “re-styled lips” using makeup or colored pencils for you to preview. This will give you an opportunity to see what your lips will look like immediately after, and when they are healed, before you make a commitment. The design process is highly personal and customized to the individual. (It is not required, but you are welcome to bring pictures of yourself, or photos from magazines or the internet to your consultation). Pictures can be helpful in conveying your design ideas to your artist. Remember, this is a highly “detailed” procedure, so we can only work from photographs that are clear and close-up.

A Written Estimate

For the work and the estimated number of sessions required.

Consult & Procedure in Same Appointment

This is a 90-minute (+ or -) appointment with one of our Restortaion Artists to design the artisty and complete the service in the same appointment. Your restortation artist will review all the details about the procedure with you in a consultation before the service. This is your opportunity to ask questions about the procedure and what you can expect with the healing process. Lip artistry will be completed on paper for you to preview and approve before beginning the work.

If you are trying to match a favorite lip stick color, please bring that color with you to your appointment. Note: (If you had a Mini-consult prior to this appointment, your artist will review the notes from your consulation and review the color selection with you so you have an opportunity to "re-approve" the design details before you begin.)

What to Expect The Day of Your Procedure:

Cosmetic Tattooing - 101 - Please Read Before Your Appointment

If possible, you will want to discontinue the use of Advil, Aspirin, Alleve and Motrin, or any blood thinners one day prior to your procedure. You will also want to avoid caffeine, oral Vit E and Fish Oil supplements the day of your procedure. These products thin the blood and sometimes interfere with numbing. In certain individuals they can cause bruising. If you cannot discontinue your prescription blood thinners, we can use anesthetics that can control bleeding.

Women are more sensitive around the time of their cycles, so you may want to schedule your appointment at the end of your cycle if you have trouble numbing. A good rule of thumb: If you numb well at the dentist, our anesthetics will work effectively on you.

You are welcome to take Tylenol or prescription pain medications if you do not numb well. Please have a designated driver if you take medication.

We use only disposable “one-use-only” needles, tubes and supplies. Nothing that touches your skin is ever re-used. We follow all OSHA recommended guidelines to maintain a sterile and aseptic studio for cosmetic and medical tattoo procedures.
Once you approve the design and color for your lip tattoo, your Restoration Artist will numb your skin so that you’re comfortable throughout the tattoo process. Most individuals tolerate the lip procedure very well; however, as everyone’s physiology is different, and lifestyle and medications can affect the numbing process – we cannot guarantee a totally painless procedure. We do allow a full 30-minutes to anesthetize the skin. If discomfort is experienced, it is usually very minimal. There is usually no swelling or bruising in healthy individuals. The lip procedure does produce a slight “bee sting” pouty effect immediately after which most individuals find attractive.
Tattooing is a procedure that involves using tiny delicate needles to draw in the skin. We will be placing minute amounts of cosmetic grade or medical grade cosmetic pigment into the first layer of the dermal tissue. (The layer just under the surface of the skin). Facial tattoos are shallow because the skin on the face is thin. Cosmetic tattoo pigments have been designed to fade, so this is not like a traditional body tattoo.
The lip tattoo will be slightly darker or brighter for 3 to 4 days after the initial procedure. Think an evening lip color or a deep pink rouge or latte tone.
Between day 3 and 4, the surface color will exfoliate totally. You will be left with only a light tint of the original color. Lip tissue is spongy, and requires a prolonged heal of up-to 6 weeks before the final color blooms. The final color is usually only about 30 – 50 of the intensity of the initial tattoo. A second session can be added if you wish to deepen the color after it has healed. We recommend wearing evening makeup and brighter colors for a few days to balance out the color in the lip area. By day 3 to 5 you will look amazing. Unfortunately the healing process cannot be rushed. This is not regular makeup and you must be patient with your body for a few days. If you bruise or swell easily with injections or cosmetic procedures, you may want to take ARNICA MONTANA (a homeopathic anti-inflammatory) several days prior to your procedure. This will lessen any potential for bruising or swelling. You can add an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory product immediately after for discomfort. You can find Arnica Montana in most health food stores. We also sell it in our clinic. Follow the dosing directions and manufacturer’s guidance provided with the product. Because cosmetic tattooing is so shallow, most healthy individuals do not swell or bruise with this procedure.
We take a conservative approach to cosmetic tattooing. We will not agree to drastic style changes beyond what would be appropriate for a natural lip line. We have built our reputation slowly and carefully over 15 years by properly managing our client’s expectations. Slower and lighter is better in tattooing. Especially in the initial session. While tattoos can certainly be altered or removed, we never want to go there. Our artists have spent years honing their skill sets as medical tattoo artists. Restoration art is a highly specialized field of tattooing that requires a good eye for design and color and an extensive understanding of skin and how it responds to the tattoo process. Follow our guidance and you will not be disappointed in the results.
If this is a new restoration, or we re-working previous artistry from another technician, you will need a follow-up session in most cases to finesse the details. Cosmetic tattooing has to be subtle to look natural. Color and shape may need to be tweaked after the initial healing process. This is considered absolutely normal in cosmetic and medical restoration tattoos. The art of mimicking features is delicate and very customized. While there are predictable outcomes, no two individuals will process or hold pigment identically. Many factors affect how a tattoo matures in the skin. Your ethnic heritage, your metabolism, if you’re a smoker, medications and sun care are just some of the things that affect how well, and how long your skin retains tattoo pigment. Your Restoration Artist will review these things with you during your appointment. They will also provide you with oral and written post care instructions to help you better understand the tattoo healing process. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.
You will not want to lay in the sun, swim or expose your new lip tattoo to whirlpools, saunas, hot tubs or tanning beds for two weeks after your procedure. We also recommend waiting to take photos for two weeks until you’re fully healed. You will not want to apply cosmetics to the lip area until 2 weeks after your procedure.
PREPPING THE SKIN: Please exfoliate your lips with a gentle skin exfoliant (apricot scrub or glycolic) the evening before your procedure to prepare your skin for color. DO NOT WEAR LIPSTICK THE DAY OF YOUR PROCEDURE.
Purchase a tube of AQUAPHOR Lip Therapy, or Aquaphor ointment to use during post care.



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