Permanent Cosmetics for Ethnic Skin

Permanent Cosmetics for Ethnic Skin

Atlanta’s Best Permanent Cosmetics for Men and Women of Color

A woman with smooth, healthy skin from ethnic skin care treatmentsPermanent Cosmetics are ideal for all individuals who desire to enhance or correct the symmetry and shape of their eyes, lips and brows. Many people of color are concerned whether or not they are good candidates for permanent cosmetics due to their individual ethnic skin characteristics. For best results, it is important that you choose a technician who has had specialized training in the requirements and care of ethnic skin, and how this skin responds to the color application process. The Nouveau Clinic has over 11 years of experience dealing with the specific cosmetic needs of people of color. We are specialists in the application of Permanent Cosmetic colors and camouflage for all skin types and ethnic backgrounds. We work closely with medical estheticians to ensure that we address the special needs of ethnic skin as required.

Preparing Ethnic Skin for Cosmetic Procedures

Depending on their ethnicity, some clients may have a propensity to hyper- pigment (get darker) or hypo-pigment (become lighter) as a result of a cosmetic procedure. As a precautionary measure, depending on the color and condition of your skin, we may recommend that our clients use Hydroquinone, Kojic Acid (licorice product), Vitamin C or lactic acid to bleach the skin for at least 2-4 weeks prior to any initial lip, scar camouflage or scar therapy procedure; or as a follow-up for 2-4 weeks after an initial color application. (Not all people of color will require skin bleaching prior to their initial procedure). If you already have hyper-pigmentation in the areas you are considering for permanent cosmetic color, you will need to lighten these areas in advance of your procedure for best results. Our technicians will be happy to make recommendations for you during your consultation.

Choosing Colors That Look Great and Age Well

Choosing the right colors for ethnic skin can sometimes be challenging. After completing over 9,500 procedures, we have developed color formulations for the eyes, lips and brows that always look beautiful and age very well in the skin regardless of undertones.

Paramedical Services We Offer

We also offer the following services to meet the specialized needs of our clients of color:

  • Scar camouflage & scar repair
  • Stretch mark therapies
  • Scalp hair simulation – cosmetic camouflage for thinning hair in the scalp & hair line.
  • Nipple and Areola Repigmentation
  • Skin pigmentation problems

We care for our work

We always use a combination of cool and warm tones in our client’s brows for the most natural effect. We apply that color using delicate hair strokes in several different tones of the same color. This creates a three dimensional eyebrow that looks like your own natural brow hair. The darker your skin, the more tonal contrast we attempt to achieve to create a beautiful realistic brow.

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We care for our work

For lip color application, we feel a warm based color is always best in most women’s lips. Everyone has a certain amount of blue tone in their lips; however it is more prevalent in darker skin tones. A warm lip tone counteracts the blue tone in the lips, assuring that the final “surface color” is pleasing to the eye and never muddy. Color “under the skin” responds differently than color on the surface of the skin. Lip tissue is spongy and usually has strong concentrations of melanin (skin pigmentation). We always attempt to work with the natural coloring already present in your lips to achieve a beautiful enhanced shade.

Many African Americans, Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern people, have natural bi-tone coloring in their lips. This tonal difference will appear grey, grey brown, or deep chocolate especially along the outline of the lip. In order to achieve good color concentration in this type of lip, the color in the darker areas of the mouth, must be patch tested prior to your procedure or as part of your initial procedure. (Color can be applied in any lighter areas without a patch test). Bi-tone lips must always be patch tested, as this is the only accurate way of determining what your final color will be in the darker areas of the lip. Bright or intense reds cannot be created in most darker ethnic skin types; however, tones of mauve, fuchsia, coral and soft suede colors can easily be achieved with most people.

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