Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Atlanta

Feelings of unattractiveness, inadequacy, or undesirableness are often results of total or partial hair loss. The struggle is real, and many of our clients have dealt with this for years. At Nouveau Face and Body, we understand the frustration, and how it can affect you. No matter your circumstances or how you’d like to change your lifestyle, let us assist you with the process of determining if scalp micro-pigmentation is a solution for you. This highly customizable treatment option offers many advantages over older and more invasive hair restoration solutions. Although scalp micro-pigmentation isn’t a device to implant or re-grow your hair, it has the ability to all you to be more confident than you have in years and you’ll be impressed by your outward appearance. This will allow you to have a sense of being that’s complete and a revitalized sense of your youth. Hair loss and the ensuing search for a restorative device, solution, or quick-fix is a long and personal road to hoe, as no one solution works for everyone. Take the first step by contacting us to learn more!

Here Are a Few Benefits of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

  • Immediate and long-lasting results that reflect hair restoration
  • No products or wigs to buy
  • No potential for scarring
  • No daily maintenance
  • Ability to camouflage scars and blemishes on the scalp
  • Natural 3-dimensional appearance
  • Non-surgical

Whether male of female, scalp micro-pigmentation is used to create the illusion of fuller hair, camouflage scars, or fill receding hairlines.

  • We can hide or permanently camouflage transplant scars from FUE or strip surgery techniques
  • We can use scalp micro-pigmentation in combination with your hair transplant grafts to build density and the illusion of more volume
  • We can revitalize a receding or irregular front or side profile
  • We can camouflage all degrees of Alopecia / Male pattern baldness
  • We can simulate today’s contemporary buzzed look
  • We are ethnic skin specialists

See non-surgical hair restoration progression below:

hair restoration

Scalp micro-pigmentation, before, during, and after.