Introducing the Non-invasive Face and Neck Lift

Considering a Face Lift?

What if you could get many of the same cosmetic benefits of a face and neck lift, but without the risks of intrusive surgery or downtime?

Imagine being able to reverse up to 10 years of visible aging in just weeks, using a less invasive approach to turning back the clock.

Nouveau's non-invasive face and neck lift technologies are part of an exciting new trend in the field of cosmetic procedures. Non-surgical, minimal to no downtime.

We're not anti-aging, We're better aging.

Our "lifestyle friendlier" face lift alternatives, will leave you looking exactly like you... just fresher, smoother and younger. While cosmetic surgery and fillers will always have their place, the new non-surgical face lifts offer the perfect alternative for individuals who prefer a less invasive approach to address the cosmetic signs of aging. Our treatments are highly effective and designed to promote vitality from within, for natural-looking results.

The Nouveau Clinic combines FDA approved skin-transforming technologies, with homeopathic treatments for skin-tightening, lifting and muscle toning. Each non-invasive face lift is customized to the individual cosmetic goals of every client.

Non-surgical ifting treatments, combine science with natural rejuvenation therapies to stimulate your body to produce it's own collagen. Naturally produced collagen provides a more stable skin support system that promotes luminosity and a more youthful complexion.

Our unique method of blending "technology and nature" ensures that our non-invasive face lifts won't assault or overstimulate the skin. Results are gradual, predictable and long lasting.

Why Choose Our Non-invasive Face Lift?

The Technology and treatments are customized
Weekly and monthly treatment plans available
No downtime Lifestyle friendly process
Predictable and natural Looking results
Lower price tag compared to surgery

What makes our Non-invasive Face Lift better?

We take a progressive rather than aggressive approach to the entire skin rejuvenation process.

Natural lifting and toning treatments yield similar results to working out. Your skin can be revitalized and muscles strengthened and transformed with the right treatments. Results can last indefinitely with regular periodic maintenance.

1 We Customize the Technology

Our Technicians work like personal trainers for your skin. During your initial working consultation, your Technician will make treatment recommendations from selected FDA approved technologies. These technologies will be paired with natural therapies and tailored to your skin type and your cosmetic goals. As you progress through a face lifting treatment program, your skin will be re-evaluated every visit, and the technologies and treatments will be adapted to fine tune your lifting results . This ensures optimum lifting and toning improvement, in a very short amount of time.

2 We Layer the Treatments

We combine up to 3- cutting edge rejuvenation technologies together in every treatment to create a stronger skin support system. Our layering technique is unique in the industry and maximizes your results by supercharging the benefits of every treatment. This means you see results in less time. Each lifting session focuses on total skin rejuvenation, beginning at the cellular level.

3 Your Technician will choose the best service pairings for your customized Face Lift
Radio Frequency
Meso therapy (non needle)
Fractional Radio Frequency
ProCell MicroChanneling


is all we do...

and we do it better than anyone in Atlanta.

The Nouveau Clinic has been pioneering non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation treatments for the scalp, face and body for almost 20 years. We're specialists in better aging. We're regularly seen on Atlanta & Company educating men and women on the benefits of non-invasive options for total face and body rejuvenation.

Our lifting treatments are tailored to work with your skin's natural “repair systems” to restore and revitalize your appearance. Results are predictable and long lasting , and visible improvements can be seen in just a few weeks.

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Face + Neck Lifting Treatment
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Still considering a Face or Neck Lift ? Curious if a non-invasive Face Lift could work for you?

Give us a call today and we'll be happy to answer your questions and get you booked for an introductory treatment right away.

You've got nothing to lose but your wrinkles
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How soon will you see results?

Most people see visible changes in skin tightening and muscle tone after just 3 weeks.

Would you like to change something about your appearance?

Call now to take advantage of our great introductory offer today.

Look years younger in just weeks.
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What changes can you expect?

Tightening of crepey, sagging skin
Improved facial volume
Balances uneven pigmentation
Reduction of fatty deposits along jawline
Lifts, tones and revitalizes
Tones weak muscles
Smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles
Lightens dark circles

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