Men’s Eyebrow Restoration

Guys Perfect EyebrowsBrow hair simulation, also called eyebrow tattooing, can dramatically improve the appearance of thinning eyebrows as well as those with alopecia or experiencing other forms of hair loss.

Many women are amazed by the results of The Nouveau Clinic and the look of their new eyebrows. The fuller, thicker appearance has given them the confidence they need in their day-to-day lives. It has also allowed them the luxury of not worrying about time spent penciling in their brows, spending the money on expensive makeup, and the worry about washing it off. But permanent eye brow solutions are not only for women. Men are starting to have this aesthetic procedure done in droves. Just like females, males have a certain amount of pride when it comes to how they look – including their eyebrows. With over 16 years of education and aesthetic enhancement procedures, The Nouveau Clinic has become the pinnacle of permanent eyebrow solutions. Our entire staff has received the same intensive education and has made practical and effective use of our highly customized medical tattooing techniques.

Brow Simulation and Its Effects

By layering three to five tints of color to match and accentuate your brows’ natural look, our procedure leaves you with impressions of contour and depth. The semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo ink creates quite an astonishing real look to your new brows. Unlike typical tattooing, no existing hair need to be shaved or removed to implement the process. The existing hair helps the illusion of more hair and thicker brows.

Our feathered stroke application mimics your natural brow growth pattern and helps cement the 3D appearance.

The final product generally takes about one or two sessions for completion, depending on the skin’s capabilities and the severity of the hair loss in the affected area.

How Long Does Brow Hair Simulation Last?

What sets brown hair simulation apart from typical tattooing is the process and the length of time it lasts. The process is quite intricate and the contours last anywhere from 18 months to three years. Again, unlike tattooing, you can change your eyebrow style one the semi-permanent ink has started to fade. You may also need a booster treatment to enhance detail and revive the color.

Typical Men’s Brow Hair Simulation Results

Men's Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Male Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Guys Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

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