Female Hair Loss Treatments

Camouflaging Women’s Hair Loss

Some Startling Statistics on Female Hair Loss

“It’s not just a man’s problem”…

The psychological damage caused by hair loss can cause severe emotional stress for women by exaggerating feelings of unattractiveness or undesirability.

  • Hair loss affects an estimated 21 million women, just in the United States. Alopecia or female pattern baldness, accounts for about 95% of all hair loss cases.
  • 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they’re age 40
  • More commonly, women between the ages of 25 to 35 are dealing with issues of thinning hair due to birth control (going on or off the pill), poor diet and taking anti-depressants.
  • 90% of Hair Loss is genetic
  • Other types of hair loss which affect women include “traction alopecia” from weaves, wigs, braiding and chemicals.
  • 70% of women experience sudden shedding from a medical or stress response at some time in their life. (This type of shedding is usually temporary)

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation services for women offers the perfect long-term solution to aide in camouflaging thinning or bare spots in the scalp or part-line.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation Can Help Hide Your Hair Loss.

If you’re struggling with hair loss, Scalp micro-pigmentation, also known as SMP, is a perfect camouflage solution for women who have spot hair loss, or thinning on the sides or in the part-line.   Scalp micro-pigmentation treatments can also be used to camouflage hair graft donor sites and facelift or surgery scars.

The Scalp Micro-pigmentation treatment is used world wide, and is considered safe, and non-invasive.  The procedure mimics tiny hair follicles in the scalp.  The pigments used are implanted with micro-needles, specifically developed for this type of procedure.  Pigment colors “mimic hair color” and are custom blended to effectively shade, or diffuse the appearance of bare spots in your scalp.  The procedure requires no downtime, and is well tolerated by most individuals.

While Scalp-Micro-pigmentation does not re-grow missing hair, it can restore confidence in your appearance and give you a sense of wholeness, and attractiveness by minimizing scalp transparency.


Scalp Micro-pigmentation can help these cosmetic problems:

  • Thinning part lines
  • Light “traction thinning” on the sides of the head
  • Spot Hair Loss
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Camouflage Hair Transplant or Surgery Scars


Scalp Micro-pigmentation is Lifestyle Friendly…

Compare the benefits:

  • Ideal for All Skin Types
  • A Non-surgical Alternative
  • No Hair Systems, Wigs or Special Products are Needed
  • Hassle Free Camouflage Solution
  • No Daily Maintenance Requirements
  • A Natural Appearance
  • Customized Artistry
  • Long Lasting
  • Can Camouflage Scalp Irregularities
  • Affordable (compare to systems, wigs, and transplants)


How many sessions are needed?

  • Average is 2 to 3 sessions “ per area camouflaged” depending on desired density
  • Sessions can be scheduled at 2 to 4 week intervals.

The Nouveau Clinic specializes in cosmetic restoration services. We have completed well over 15,000 cosmetic procedures since opening our doors in January of 2000. Our Technicians are highly skilled artisians and technicians, with specialized training in medical and cosmetic Scalp Micro-pigmentation Treatments for hair loss.

Please contact our office today for a FREE ON-LINE EVALUATION. If you prefer, you can schedule a FREE private “in-office” consultation to determine if Scalp Micro-pigmentation is right for you. We look forward to hearing from you.




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