What Is Scalp Micro-Pigmentation?

Scalp micro-pigmentation is a highly specialized technique of applying micro-insertions of pigment into the scalp to mimic the appearance of natural hair follicles. The Nouveau Clinic’s state-of-the-art method of pigment application, is a cosmetic solution designed to camouflage the bare spots in your scalp, while reducing the gaps in the density of your hair. Our technique works by customizing our hair simulation artistry to your personal skin tone and hair texture. This service is ideal for all ethnic groups. This unique cosmetic treatment option provides an immediate, long-term and more cost effective solution, for individuals struggling with hair loss from these common concerns:

  • Alopecia Areata
  • Scars from Hair Transplant Surgery
  • Male and Female Pattern Baldness
  • Recending Hair Lines
  • Spot Hair Loss
  • Chemical Damage
  • Thinning from Heredity
  • Medical Hair Loss

Many of our clients, come to us after years of struggle with feelings of being unattractive, inadequate or undesirable from partial or total hair loss. We understand your frustration. Whatever your circumstances or desired lifestyle change, we want to help you through the process of determining if scalp micro-pigmentation is the right choice for you. We believe that this highly customizable treatment option offers lots of advantages over older or more invasive hair loss treatments. While scalp-micro pigmentation does not re-grow your hair, it can restore confidence in your appearance, and give you a sense of wholeness, youth and renewed vitality at any age. Struggling with hair loss, and finding the right cosmetic restoration service is a highly personalized journey. There is no one solution that will work for everyone. We’d like to invite you to take the first step ~ contact us to learn more today!

Scalp micro-pigmentation, or SMP,  uses a technique called “Hair Follicle Simulation”.
The Technicians at The Nouveau Clinic use the 3D Tattooing method to create a 3-D hair  replication.  This technique blends a variety of artistic effects, and several tones of color. The artistry is carefully applied over two to three applications.  The micro-insertions of pigment mimic the follicles, and the layered tones of color, shade the skin and simulate new hair growth.  SMP cuts the white, pink or shiny spots in the scalp, but will not totally shade the skin. (Think of a man’s beard with a five o’clock shadow).  The natural effect of hair density, is created by allowing the skin to show though the follicle simulation, creating the illusion of depth and movement.

We have over 16 years of experience, and thousands of completed procedures  for hair loss restoration services. We are dedicated specialists in the field of  medical and cosmetic camouflage artistry .

As an art form, scalp micro-pigmentation is practiced world-wide, and is one of the safest and most popular cosmetic solutions for camouflaging hair loss in men, and women. However, the application of pigment to mimic hair follicles, requires extensive training, and a true artist’s eye for color, style, and ethnic considerations.

Scar camouflage and hair simulation artistry, are two of the most challenging and rewarding fields of medical and cosmetic restoration. Our Technicians are artists as well as highly skilled clinicians. We have spent years training with specialists in our field the world over. Our skill sets have been honed through an unwavering commitment to using only the best technology, pigments and micro-pigmentation methods available today. We continue to expand our knowledge base through on-going training and we update our clinical certifications annually.

The Nouveau Clinic is a brand that stands for excellence in the paramedical arts. We are passionate about helping our clients camouflage scars and hair loss with minimally invasive, and long-term solutions. As experts in our field we will strive to meet or exceed your camouflage expectations. Your supreme satisfaction will always be our number one goal.


  • We can permanently camouflage transplant scars from FUE or strip surgery techniques
  • We can use scalp-micro-pigmentation in combination with your hair transplant grafts to build density and the illusion of more volume
  • We can revitalize a receding or irregular front or side profile
  • We can camouflage Alopecia Areata / Male pattern baldness
  • We can simulate todays contemporary, stylish “short cropped or buzzed look”
  • We are ethnic skin specialists

Micropigmentation for Men - Nouveau Clinic

Micropigmentation for Women - Nouveau Clinic


  • We can add the illusion of more density in thinning crown hair if you have enough hair remaining for blending.
  • We can camouflage spot hair loss from hormones, chemicals, extensions and weaves
  • We can camouflage spot thinning
  • We can add “delicate shading” intermittently around the front hair line (* Not applicable for all individuals)
  • We can camouflage scars from cosmetic surgery in scalp and hairline
  • We can camouflage Alopecia Areata

Scalp Micropigmentation - Nouveau Clinic

PLEASE NOTE:  CROWN HAIR LOSS FOR MEN:  If you want to keep your hair longer, we  do not recommended scalp micro-pigmentation for covering the back crown of the head.  For best results, you must have some hair remaining or transplanted into the crown area to blend into the illusion.  Scalp micro-pigmentation works best as a cosmetic solution for camouflaging hair loss if you are willing to keep a close cropped or buzzed style.  With the hair shorter, we can effectively camouflage your crown hair loss by using follicle simulation to blend into the shorter hair style.
Contact us for more details.

You will need to avoid swimming, sunbathing and coloring the hair for two weeks after your procedure. You can return to your normal activities the next day.  Your Technician will review all the  pre-and post service do’s and don’ts in your SMP consultation.

SMP is considered a form of cosmetic or paramedical tattooing, but it generally well tolerated by most individuals.  Your Technician has a variety of topical anesthetics that can be applied before, during and after your session to make you comfortable, if needed.


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