Alopecia Treatment

Scalp Micro-pigmentation &
3-D Eyebrow Restoration for Alopecia

Solutions for Hiding Hair Loss

These cosmetic camouflage procedures provide a semi-permanent option for managing and hiding hair loss resulting from Alopecia Areata, Totalis and Universalis

Scalp micro-pigmentation or (SMP) as it’s commonly known world-wide, is a highly specialized procedure for replicating tiny hair follicles in the scalp.  SMP is not a full scalp cover-up or a traditional tattoo, but rather a sophisticated scalp camouflage technique, that uses cosmetic pigments, and skilled artistry, to mimic the missing hair.  Scalp micro-pigmentation is the only immediate and long term option for Alopecia sufferers, that provides a more natural solution for camouflaging hair loss.  

Alopecia Treatment - Micropigmentation - Nouveau Clinic

The scalp micro-pigmentation procedure itself, can be customized to effectively blend bald patches with any remaining hair.  It is ideal for all skin types.  SMP techniques create the illusion of hair, by layering tones of color and follicle simulation, over two-to-four sessions.  Hair replication is created with tiny needles specifically developed for this service.  The needles mimic the size and shape of hair follicles by implanting micro-dots of pigment, just underneath the surface of the skin.  The final result is “viewed through the skin”, and provides a convincing simulation of hair, that helps to hide or blend the bare spots.   The benefits of scalp micro-pigmentation are unique.   The final artistry requires no special day-to-day maintenance, and the results can last for years.  Additionally, the artistry of this service can be tailored or modified for greater or lessor camouflage, if the conditions of your Alopecia  change.

We have seen scalp micro-pigmentation change lives.  This unique camouflage procedure gives clients the ability to take greater control over how their hair loss is viewed and managed.  Whether the Alopecia condition is chronic or permanent, SMP can be used alone or in-combination with traditional medical therapies, to effectively manage all degrees of hair loss.

Restoring Missing Eyebrows

Alopecia in the scalp may also be accompanied by partial or total hair loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes.  Many individuals choose to pair the Scalp Micro-pigmentation service with our 3-D Eyebrow Restoration.  The eyebrows can be “visually” restored with artistry that replicates naturally growing brow hair.   The finished artwork appears three dimensional and can instantly repair all degrees of hair loss. This service is ideal for both men and women.

Restoring Spot Hair Loss in the Beard and Mustache

Alopecia areata (spot hair loss), can affect the beard and mustache areas, as well as the scalp and brows. Spot hair loss on the face creates a unique camouflage problem because it is difficult to hide the loss of beard stubble, and you cannot grow hair in the bare patches. Loss of the follicles can create a distinct line of demarcation on the face.

Our follicle simulation artistry can be adapted to the face to simulate beard or mustache stubble, providing an effective way to camouflage the loss of hair.

Beard Alopecia Treatment - Micropigmentation - Nouveau Clinic

What exactly is Alopecia?

Unfortunately, hair loss can be caused by any number of conditions.  Some diagnoses have alopecia in their title, such as alopecia areata (spot hair loss) or scarring alopecia.  Alopecia can strike at any time without warning, and it can affect anyone, even individuals without a history of hair loss or pattern baldness in the family.  Approximately 17%  of the population will struggle with alopecia areata in their lifetime.

The word “alopecia” is simply a medical term for hair loss and does not refer to any specific condition.

Alopecia can be triggered by many factors from genetics to side effects caused by drugs and medical conditions. While androgenic alopecia (male or female pattern baldness), is by far the most common form of hair loss worldwide, many diseases have hair loss as a primary or secondary symptom.  The most common alopecia includes telogen effluvium, (excessive  shedding), alopecia areata, (spot hair loss) and hair loss from hypo-thyroid and cosmetic over-processing. Poor dietary habits and chronic stress can also cause hair breakage and increased shedding.  Some forms of hair loss may be difficult to diagnose, resulting in years of ineffective or unsatisfactory treatments without a permanent resolution for the condition.

We believe that Scalp Micro-pigmentation offers one of the best options for hiding and camouflaging most types of hair loss.


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