Men’s Eyebrow Restoration

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Men’s Brows

What is the key feature that makes your face stand out?

Men’s Eyebrow Tattoo Restoration - Nouveau Clinic

While most people would assume that it’s the eyes, the nose or the lips – it’s actually your eyebrows that rank as your most important facial feature.

WHY? While eyebrows are theorized to have a biological function, perhaps as a filter for perspiration and debris; they are more recognized for conveying subliminal emotional cues about your overall health and vitality. Eyebrows communicate a variety of emotions and messages, and are important in facial recognition. The eyebrows shape your face and give definition to your eyes, forehead and cheekbones. While some brow shapes are more popular than others, men’s facial features generally look best when framed with fuller, bolder brows – with a bit of random irregularity. The male brow-grooming industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. Eyebrow shaping and waxing, tinting and restoration services have all become mainstream. Men have begun to realize that the shape and definition of their eyebrows, defines their face. The state of their brows can either enhance or detract from their overall appearance. Let’s face it, a great set of brows can make you feel confident, sexy, youthful and masculine.

Men’s Eyebrows Tattoo Restoration - Nouveau ClinicBut what if your once dark, full brows have become thin or irregular from aging or heredity? 

Or worse yet, what if you’ve lost all or part of of your eyebrows due to hypothyroidism, cancer, medications or Alopecia?

For many men, the loss of hair in the eyebrows can actually be more traumatic than the loss of hair in the scalp.  Many alopecia sufferers have to contend with the double psychological whammy of hair loss in both areas.

A Treatment for Men’s Brows Hair Loss

We Are Specialists in Men’s Eyebrows Restoration 

Located in Alpharetta, GA, The Nouveau Clinic has been perfecting our techniques for mens cosmetic eyebrow restoration for over 18 years.  Our unique approach, combines a thorough knowledge of facial proportions, mens brow shaping, ethnic considerations and our signature 3-D brow micro-pigmentation artistry.

The Technicians at The Nouveau Clinic are highly skilled paramedical artists, who specialize in hair simulation and brow restoration services.

Men’s Brows

An Eyebrow Restoration Service with Brow Micro-pigmentation

Our brow micro-pigmentation procedure, is a specialized form of cosmetic tattooing.  Individual hairs are simulated one at a time, using semi-permanent cosmetic pigments, implanted just under the surface of the skin.  The pigments and the application process, were specifically developed to create the illusion of naturally growing hair.  Our artist’s attention to detail will create  eyebrows that look three dimensional and completely realistic.  The restoration process will restore your brows to a more pleasing shape and color.

Brow Micro-pigmentation can provide a cosmetic solution for these common brow problems :

  • Spot or Overall Brow Thinning
  • Lack of shape and definition
  • Loss of color and vitality
  • Poor positioning
  • Total or partial loss of hair


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NOTE:  Brow micro-pigmentation artistry can also be combined with brow transplant surgery to increase visual density, or to optimize your new shape.

Restore or Restyle… let’s get started.

Your Men’s Brow Restoration service begins with a confidential consultation, a cosmetic preview and two sessions to complete your hair simulation artistry.
Immediate Benefits: 

  • Customized artistry to compliment your hair or skin tone
  • Restores all degrees of hair loss
  • Provides a Non-surgical Restoration Option
  • Semi-permanent (Lasts apprx 18 mos to 3 years )
  • Looks completely natural
  • Revitalizes appearance and confidence

Your Men’s BROW artistry can be refreshed at any time, and minor changes can be made throughout your lifetime, to keep you looking your absolute best.

Call today to restore your brows – and your confidence.



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