Free On-Line Evaluation

Free On-line Evaluation

FREE On-Line Evaluation

Your FREE on-line Evaluation is the easiest and fastest way for us to confidentially answer many questions about our cosmetic restoration services.  So that we may better assist you with this process, please complete our inquiry form, and take a moment to read through our check list.  It is important that you supply the necessary information or photos so we may answer your questions and outline your options.

You will receive a confirmation of your On-Line Evaluation email request as soon as you submit.  Please reply to our confirmation to validate your email.

One of our Clinical Technicians will review your inquiry and then reply within 1 full business day.

#1 The Photo Evaluation

aa-mcPlease complete our Evaluation Form and Choose Either  Email or a Phone Response.

Phone Response:  If you would prefer a  return phone call,  please tell us the best time to reach you.

For an Email Response: For a confidential  email response, please add our address   ( to your contact list, so our response does not go to your SPAM mail.

How to Take  Photos:

We will need clear photographs of the treatment areas you wish for us to evaluate.  Please do not cover the areas with makeup or camouflage products.   If you would like to show us what you look like “with and without” makeup, you can submit two photos.  We need a good selection of  photographs from different angles with balanced lighting to quote or respond to your questions with accuracy .  Additionally, if we are evaluating skin, brows or scalp conditions, we need to be able to clearly see any scars, hair loss or skin imperfections.   (All photos submitted are held strictly confidential).


#2  Choose A FACE-TO-FACE Consultation Instead

We offer private face-to-face consultations with one of our experienced team members if you prefer a more personal experience.  Our consultation fee is $50, and is refunded to you the day of your service.  A Face-to-Face consult will give you an opportunity to visit our facility and meet with your Technician one-on-one. This is a more intimate process that encourages a dialogue.  During your appointment, we will be happy to answer all of our questions in a relaxed spa environment. Our consultations can include an artistry preview, photographs or illustrations to better explain our service process.  We will be happy to review all treatment plans, cosmetic options, payment options and service estimates for the desired services.  You are also welcome to bring one guest to your consultation appointment.

Additional Questions?

Call us at 404-936-6931 (Monday – Friday), and one of our Technicians will be happy to speak with you as soon as possible.


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