Eyebrow Tattoo Atlanta

Eyebrow Tattoo Atlanta

The eyebrow is one of the most defining and expressive facial features we have. They help intensify the eyes and draw intrigue to our face.  A well shaped brow can lift and brighten the face, and can make us look years younger.

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with bold, vivacious eyebrows.  The brows can be damaged by years of over-tweezing, waxing or threading.  Additionally as we age, the brows can become thinner and poorly shaped.  Many individuals struggle with brow hair loss related to hypo-thyroid-ism, Alopecia, Trichotillomania or as a result of cancer treatments.  Loss of the eyebrows, not only affects your appearance, but it can also affect self esteem.

Fortunately, eyebrow tattooing” offers individuals a non-surgical way to instantly restore missing hair in the brow area.  Using hair stroke artistry, our paramedical artists can fill in just the bare spots, or use a cosmetic tattoo process, to re-create the entire brow.   Eyebrow tattooing is customized to the cosmetic needs of each individual client.   At The Nouveau Clinic, we understand that every client is a unique canvas with varying degrees of hair loss.  With over 18 years dedicated to perfecting the art of the eyebrow tattoo, The Nouveau Clinic  in Atlanta, is ranked as one of the top cosmetic clinics in the southeast.   We specialize in a variety of artistic styles that can enhance and repair the eyebrows , while maintaining a completely natural look.

Our Eyebrow Tattooing Method

Our eyebrow restoration services offer long-term solutions for all degrees of brow hair loss.  We use a variety of speciality equipment and pigments, and blended application methods, to create our unique brand of 3-D hair simulation artistry. There is no “one technique” that is ideal for all of our clients.  We routinely blend more than one method of tattooing to create the most realistic hair simulation.  The Artists at The Nouveau Clinic are experts at pairing the right techniques with the demands of each individual restoration process.  Our end goal is always a completely natural looking eyebrow, that will give years of cosmetic convenience.

Our Eyebrow Tattooing Styles

Eyebrow styles and preferences are constantly changing.  Whether you prefer fuller more stylized brows or thinner wispy brows, the style of the eyebrow restoration process, will affect the end result.  The artists at The Nouveau Clinic will work with you to determine which brow style is best suited for your eyebrow restoration.  We specialize in three popular techniques to restore and repair the brows.

  • Micro-stroke Eyebrows

A combination of individual hair strokes of varying lengths and thicknesses. Micro-stroke brows can be created full, medium or thin. Each hair is drawn in individually, and several tones of colors are used to create dimension. This technique is ideal for hiding spot hair loss or for a full brow restoration.

  • Ombre or Rembrandt Eyebrows

An artistic technique that graduates the brow color or tone from light to dark       or dark to light.  The Ombre or Rembrandt Style can be created using Micro-strokes or Fusion Effects for a variety of brow shapes and thicknesses.


  • Fusion Eyebrows

A blending of Micro-stroke techniques and powdery fill effects to create a more dramatic eyebrow. Ideally used to establish a bolder, more formal shape to the entire brow.  Perfect for fuller stylized brows.

Tattoo Machines vs. Microblading

What’s the difference?

There are two types of tattoo methods that are currently used in cosmetic and medical restoration tattoo work.  The first method uses a variety of tattoo machines (digital, rotary, and coils) to apply cosmetic tattoo pigment.  The application process is considered  semi-permanent  because the pigment is implanted just under the top layer of the skin.  Eyebrow restoration completed with the machine method, generally lasts between 18 months to 3 years before fading. The second method, Microblading, uses a hand application process to apply pigments, and is considered a temporary or short-term application.  This hand method implants color in the upper-most layers of the skin, creating a more shallow tattoo.  Eyebrows created with the hand method, generally need to be refreshed every year to maintain color and hair simulation detail.

Eyebrow Restoration using Tattoo Machines

The tattoo machines used for hair simulation artistry, have been customized or created specifically for this type of art work. The tiny needles used for hair simulation with machines, vary in size and thickness to mimic different types of hair texture.  This allows for a greater degree of artistic variety during the restoration process.  The Tattoo Machines pulses the needles up and down thousands of times per minute as the artist moves across the skin.  The needles are adjusted to a pre-set depth so they deposit the perfect amount of pigment consistently across the entire surface of the skin.  As the artists draws, the pigment is “pushed” evenly into the skin.

The various needle sizes and gauges available for tattoo machines gives the artist the ability to mimic delicate hair strokes, or back-fill bare areas with a light powder- type finish.  Machines allow for a layering of color and different application techniques, to create depth and dimension in the eyebrow restoration process.

What is Microblading? 

Microblading is a “hand application” or manual method for tattooing hair strokes in the eyebrows. Instead of a machine, this method uses a  hand tool with very small needles that mimic the appearance of fine hair. This method originated in Asia and was “adapted” from tattooing with Bamboo needles.  Microblading is sometimes referred to as eyebrow embroidery or eyebrow stenciling.  The manual method is considered  temporary, lasting only about a year before requiring a  booster.  The process of Microblading uses semi-permanent tattoo pigment that is scratched into the skin with tiny needles grouped together in the shape of blades. The blades are attached to a handle or a pen.  The entire pen is dragged across the surface of the skin over and over to create hair stroke patterns.  Pigment is then applied to the treated area, to reveal the hair stroke artistry.

Eyebrow Restoration using a Microblading

The Nouveau Clinic uses Microblading only as an add-on technique to create ultra-fine hair strokes in the very fronts, tops and ends of some brows. However, due to the imperfect nature of a manual application method, we generally prefer to pair Microblading with more traditional machine methods to increase longevity and overall color dimension inside of the brpw tattoo.  Not everyone or every skin type is a candidate for Microblading.  The manual method would not used on individuals with thick skin, very dark complexions, oily complexions, spot hair loss inside of a full brow, or individuals with previous Permanent Brow Cosmetics still present.

Creating and Maintaining Your Eyebrow Tattoo

Eyebrow tattooing,  is a unique combination of art and science. This procedure uses semi-permanent cosmetic pigments applied with a high degree of artistic skill.  Our artists will begin the restoration process by helping you  determine the best shape and style for your face.  Once a template has been created, we will numb the skin,  and apply three to five tones of pigments over one to two sessions.   The pigment will be applied in layers using a hair stroke tattooing method ; or if requested, we will pair hair simulation with a powder fill for a more dramatic brow style .  By applying the pigments in this manner, we are able to  color – match and recreate your hair’s natural growth patterns. That means that as old hairs fall out and new ones come in, your eyebrow tattoo will remain indistinguishable from the real thing. Our method creates that highly desired 3-dimensional effect.


  • Your initial eyebrow tattoo will take 1 to 2 sessions to complete.
  • Typically lasts 18 months to 3 years before the pigments start to fade
  • After this time, you can refresh your artistry with a color booster.
  • Booster sessions  give you the opportunity to touch up your tattoo so that it continues to match your brow’s color and growth patterns.

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For more photos of eyebrow transformations, check out our eyebrow tattoo portfolio.

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After