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Don’t Hide Your Arms

(or your Knees)

Finally … there’s a new skin tightening technology available, that can help to tighten and revitalize crepey skin on the arms

  • NEW Fractional Radio Frequency with Micro-needling to tighten and tone
    crepey skin on the arms – FDA APPROVED
  • Deep collagen, elastin & Hyaluronic Acid stimulation
  • Treatment every 21 to 28 days – Layered treatment with cumulative benefits
  • ADD ON: CAVITATION for Adipose Fat Reduction
  • Results can last up to 2 years with good sun care

Fractional Radio Frequency with Gold Insulated Micro-needling, is a new FDA approved treatment that can deliver younger, smoother looking skin, while improving the skin’s elasticity. Results are cumulative with a series, and can last up to two years or more, with good skin care habits and routine skin maintenance.


Fractional Radio Frequency with Micro-needling, uses very tiny “gold insulated” micro-needles (smaller than the diameter of a hair) to deliver safe radio frequency energy into the upper to mid-level dermis. It is specifically designed to target the skin’s underlying support system of collagen fibers.

The heat energy of radio frequency, combined with the stimulus of micro-needling, prompts the body to repair and rebuild all parts of the skin’s support system simultaneously. Unlike laser skin resurfacing, Fractional Radio Frequency with Micro-needling, is able to deliver the energy “below the surface” where it’s needed most to reverse the signs of aging. This minimizes the impact on the skin’s surface.


  1. Quick cleanse skin arms with Glycolic cleanser
  2. Apply numbing to both arms – Allow minimum 15-20 minutes
  3. Occlusion of Lidocaine on arms ok – the skin is thicker
  4. Remove anesthetic in sections not all at once
  5. Remove with Pink Hibbicleanse a section at a time
  6. Follow with Witch Hazel to throughly remove a section at a time
  7. RF no more than 1 – Only a 20% overlap – one pass first session
  8. Micro-needle no more than .5MM to 1.MM depending on tolerance
  9. Watch for client feedback on discomfort and adjust accordingly
  10. Cryo therapy to cool skin
  11. Follow with SUN BUM – Primary ingredient is ALOE with a little lidocaine for comfort

This service can be repeated every 21 to 28 days.


Fractional Radio Frequency with Gold Micro-needling works by stimulating your body to rebuild and replace old and damaged cells, in the deeper layers of the skin. This means the results are not immediate, but cumulative.

Generally, improvements are noticed within 3 to 6 weeks after each session. Collagen and elastin proteins begin to rebuild in the skin, promoting a revitalization process which continues for up to 6 months after a series. Toning results typically last up to 2 years, with regular skin maintenance.

You will need 4 to 6 sessions to see significant improvements. To enhance your results, your Technician will make customized recommendations as part of your personal treatment plan.


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