Cosmetic Therapy For Bell’s Palsy

Micro-current Treatments Can Help Facial Paralysis

Initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a stimulator of muscles, micro-current has evolved.   Micro-current therapy is now used for cellular rejuvenation, toning facial structure, and reducing wrinkles. The techniques applied have proven to be quite beneficial in treating many medical conditions. One condition, in particular, is Bell’s Palsy.

Bell’s Palsy is a form of facial paralysis that typically affects only one side of the face. After much scientific and clinical research, the actual causes of Bell’s Palsy are still somewhat of a mystery, but it is known that the condition stems from infection and inflammation of the facial nerves. Recovery usually takes place over two to four weeks with severe cases taking months. Certain rare cases are found to be permanent.

Bells Palsy treatments may include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Anti-herpidic Medications (Valtrex or generics)
  • Micro-current Muscle Therapy
  • Ear Candling
  • Auyevadic therapy

In addition to improving muscle laxity, Micro-current treatments promote “rejuvenation” of the skin, muscles and cells of the body, by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Micro-current energy, also stimulates ATP fuel production. (ATP is the fuel our cells need for optimum growth and renewal). Micro-current energy mimics your body’s own natural electrical current, and is painless. Medical and cosmetic therapy provided by micro-current treatments, can help individuals affected by Bells Palsy, stroke, muscle atrophy and skin laxity. A series of treatments has the potential to heal damaged nerves and assist in regaining better motor function.

Potential Causes of Bell’s Palsy

There is still some uncertainty on how Bell’s Palsy is caused. It’s often associated with the herpes virus that is known to cause cold sores. The inflammation that results is what many experts think cause Bell’s Palsy. Other scientists believe that Bell’s may come from a viral infection such as viral meningitis.  Both of these ailments can lead to pressure in the Fallopian canal subsequently causing restrictive blood flow (ischemia). Certain cases are quite mild and only result in some damage to the nerves involved.

Often associated with the flu, headaches, chronic ear infections, skull fractures, Lyme disease, tumors, and diabetes; it affects 40,000 people annually. Typically, Bell’s Palsy affects those who are aged 15 to 60 years and often attacks people infected with the flu or respiratory illnesses like COPD.

For more than a decade, the caring staff of The Nouveau Clinic, has been offering Micro-current Therapies, to clients affected with Bells Palsy. Though results are individual and can vary, most individuals will see cosmetic improvement in facial paralysis with a series of regular treatments.

Micro-current Therapy is painless, and is ideal for all skin types.

Please Note: In rare cases, individuals with certain medical conditions may not be candidates for Micro-current Therapy. Your Technician can advise.

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