At Nouveau Face and Body, customers in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Cumming, and Roswell know that they can always get the latest in cosmetic solutions.
Whether you are looking for permanent cosmetics, such as eyebrow tattooing, scalp micropigmentation, or skin rejuvenation practices, Nouveau has what Northeastern Georgia customers are looking for.
Here are some of the exciting treatments that we proudly offer:


Permanent cosmetics are essentially tattoos that are used to produce designs resembling makeup, such as lipstick, eyeliner, and at times, foundation and blusher. They enhance pigmentation to give a look of a fully or partially made up face so you never have to spend time and money on traditional cosmetics again. This is a really convenient way to always look your best. You will literally wake up every day fully made up and ready for your day!

Eyebrow Tattooing

Do you have sparse eyebrows that constantly need to be filled in with pencils, creams, and powders? It can become really annoying after a while, especially when you have to constantly search for the right shade of makeup, and you have to continuously reapply the color every time you sweat or spend too much time in the sun.

Consider eyebrow tattooing! We mix the perfect shade of dye in a microblade or needle and fill in any sparse spots your eyebrows may have. Our expert technicians create hair-like strokes to produce the illusion of fully-formed brows that never fade or disappear.



Like an eyebrow tattoo, scalp micropigmentation is also a hair tattoo. The difference is that it is actually on the scalp, creating the look of an enhanced hairline in those that shave their heads. So, while many men rock the bald look to hide the fact that they already have a receding hairline, the tiny, dark-colored hair follicles, or the absence of them, gives their deception away. These tattoos, resembling a closely shaved scalp, keep the façade going.



Skin rejuvenation is not one specific treatment, but rather a term that encompasses a whole bunch of procedures that can be done to keep your face youthful and supple. While these options can include surgery, going under the knife is not always necessary. There are plenty of non-surgical options, and we are sure to have the perfect treatment for your needs.

There are different levels of invasiveness depending on your comfort level and needs. Treatments target the depths of your facial structures, but also localized issues such as scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sagging skin. These procedures include Botox injections, chemical peels, dermal fillers, laser resurfacing, and treatments incorporating ultrasound and radio frequency waves.

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When you chose a treatment, keep in mind what your goals are. Customers in greater Atlanta, GA know that skin rejuvenation procedures will keep them looking young, attractive, and frozen in time. Along with permanent makeup, you will always look impeccable, ready for your day, and never get caught “without your face on.” So, come in today and make an appointment with Nouveau Face and Body. We will take the time to discuss your cosmetic needs and start a beauty treatment plan especially tailored for you.

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