Brow Hair Simulation

Brow Hair SimulationBrow hair simulation, also called eyebrow tattooing, can dramatically improve the appearance of thinning eyebrows as well as those with alopecia or experiencing other forms of hair loss.

The Nouveau Clinic has worked over 16 years perfecting the art of brow hair simulation. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best of what brow hair simulation has to offer. All our technicians receive the same intensive education and utilized our highly specialized medical tattooing techniques.

How Does Brow Hair Simulation Work?

Brow hair simulation uses semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo pigments to create a convincing replica of your natural eyebrow. We achieve this by layering your brows with 3 to 5 tones of color to match your brows’ natural color. (None of your remaining hair needs to be removed for the tattooing process.)

We then apply those colors with a feathered stroke tattooing technique to mimic your brows’ natural growth pattern. This technique will also give the tattoo a 3-demential appearance.

The finished tattoo can take 1-2 sessions to complete, depending on the degree of hair loss and your skin’s ability to retain the pigments.

How Long Does Brow Hair Simulation Last?

Unlike a regular tattoo, brow hair simulation is a much more delicate process, causing the tattoo to last between 18 months to 3 years. Once the tattoo starts to fade, you can come in to receive a booster treatment to restore detail and color vibrancy. This also allows us to adapt the style and color of your tattoo to match your brows as they change over time.

Brow Hair Simulation Results

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

Eyebrow Tattoo Before and After

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