Alopecia Treatments

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Depending on how severe your alopecia areata is, The Nouveau Clinic may be able to treat your alopecia condition. There are a few factors that go into deciding whether or not we’re able to treat you. These factors can include, age, alopecia severity, and which type of alopecia you have. Scalp micro pigmentation is a viable option for many people and has the ability to completely change your appearance.  Our aesthetic technicians have honed their skills over collective decades of education and work and have years of experience with alopecia patients.  Knowing that alopecia is a problem is one thing, but treating it is quite another. The dermal clinicians at Nouveau perform Alopecia treatments by way of scalp micro pigmentation.

Alopecia Treatments Atlanta, Ga


Female Scalp Micro Pigmentation results

Male Scalp Micro Pigmentation results


Scalp Micropigmentation to Cover up Scar on ScalpScalp Micropigmentation on Top of Man's Head
The results our staff can procure for you o

r your family members can be quite astounding. Not only do our clients have what looks like hair where the previously was none, they have the newfound confidence to seize the day. While the results speak for themselves, the process may seem like simply tattooing into empty spots, it’s really so much more than that.


The condition known as alopecia areata is simply a term for hair loss. Sure, it sounds a little sophisticated, but that’s just the scientific term for it. Many factors can encourage alopecia, from age and effects from certain drugs to medical situations. Male and female pattern baldness are the most common form of alopecia, but many diseases incur hair loss as a secondary side effect.

Are You a Candidate?

Though there are certain patients that may not be candidates for scalp micro pigmentation, most people who suffer from alopecia can be treated. There are extreme cases that despite alopecia treatment might be altogether too severe for full aesthetic satisfaction. If the client’s head is mostly or completely bald, this treatment may not be effective. However, alopecia areata, or spot baldness, can be treated successfully on a regular basis.