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Treating Adult Acne

The best treatments for adult acne not only clears your skin, but improves it long term. For mature skin, acne breakouts present a special challenge. How do you eliminate or reduce the acne cycle, without over-drying the skin?

The Nouveau Clinic goes beyond the usual product or treatment advice and considers all the important action steps necessary to clear the skin.

  • Control Current Breakouts
  • Reduce the Risk of Scarring
  • Improve the Appearance of Existing Scars
  • Prevent Premature Aging
  • Reduce and Eliminate Future Breakouts

Mature skin has special needs.

Harsh salicylic or benzoyl peroxide based products aimed at treating acne in younger skin, can strip mature skin of needed moisture, while disturbing the skin’s delicate PH balance. This can cause an inflammatory response that makes acne worse, and could trigger more oil secretion and more pimples, as well as leaving the skin feeling too tight. Unbalanced skin can be reactive and is at risk for future breakouts and possible acne scarring. Products that over-dry mature skin can also exacerbate fine lines, wrinkles, sensitivity and redness.

Our Approach to Treating Acne is Customized

Our focus is on you “as an individual” and the healthy reduction of acne, through a
re-balancing of your skin and body chemistry. This takes time and consistency.

Mature skin with adult acne requires a customized approach to deliver results that do not over-dry the skin, or compromise the skin’s overall elasticity and vitality.

Every individual’s chemistry is different, and there are often many layered conditions contributing to acne in adults. Genetics, hormones, medications, stress, lifestyle considerations. We believe that regular weekly treatments combined with a flexible treatment plan, works hand-in-hand with home support therapies. Our combination therapy will allow us to customize every treatment providing predictable and cumulative improvements as you move through your Adult Acne Series.

Why A Series is the Best Treatment For Adult Acne

The Series Goals

  • Breaking the Adult Acne cycle
  • Discovering your potential Acne triggers
  • Reduction in the frequency and severity of break outs
  • Re-balancing the body and the skin (internally and externally)
  • Anti-scarring therapies
  • Anti-aging therapies
  • Customized Treatment Protocols (Clinic & Home Care)

The outside of your skin reflects what is going on inside of your body. Topical skin treatments, your diet, health history, hormones, medications and lifestyle choices are all contributing factors to your personal acne triggers. We will provide you with information about these contributing factors, to help you determine what you can do to facilitate an improvement in the overall health of your skin; while reducing the potential for future breakouts and scarring.

“We combine our clinical treatments with a sensible, and easy to use, home care system ”

Introducing Nouveau SkinTM

(Serious Acne Home Care, Formulated by a Pharmacist)

The Nouveau Skin TM adult acne treatment line, was developed with a pharmacist, to work hand-in-hand with our clinical acne treatments. Our proprietary formulations were created to help shorten and reduce the severity of breakouts, while preventing over-drying, and loss of elasticity in mature skin.

Nouveau Skin TM is scientifically based to focus on balance, healing and scar prevention. This thoughtfully formulated skin care system, addresses the complex needs of treating acne in mature skin and sets a new standard for adult acne treatment products . Our skin care products are made “on-demand” in small batches, to ensure the highest standards for freshness, with minimal preservatives.

All ingredients and all products are cruelty free, and compounded locally in Georgia.

** Skin care products are sold separately.

There are no quick fixes, and there is no one-size fits all treatment for acne.

Our philosophy is different from many medical and unsupervised over-the counter approaches. We believe the body – and specifically the body’s metabolic processes, have a natural intelligence for healing and re-balancing. Our treatments are designed to gently facilitate and support these processes so that the body has the best chance to heal itself. This creates an opportunity to end or greatly reduce the cycle of break outs, inflammation and possible scarring. Healthy skin care, preserves the skin’s natural protective matrix, while supporting cellular rejuvenation, from the inside out.

Your Esthetician / Technician is specifically trained in the special needs and therapies for treating acne in mature skin. We are your partners in better skin care. As you begin this journey to a younger, healthier complexion, your Technician will be your skin’s “personal trainer” throughout your series. Each visit they will adjust the treatment protocol to address the changing needs of your skin.

As your acne improves, our focus will change to address a re-balancing of moisture and elasticity and scar repair (if needed). This can include treatments aimed at pigment rebalancing and collagen rejuvenation, for a better overall complexion.

Our Treatment Protocol

“We Have a Better Approach”

Customized treatments, every visit. Each treatment is tailored to the individual needs of your changing skin. As you move through your 10-week series, your Technician will re-evaluate your skin’s progress to determine the best treatment course for each session. As your skin heals and the breakouts subside, we will focus more on PH and pigment balancing, tightening, toning, elasticity and scar reduction.

DEEP CLEANING: Your Esthetician / Technician Will Choose

  • Deep cleansing products tailored to your skin
  • Ionized Steaming or hot towels will be used to soften surface skin
  • Exfoliants will be used to remove and soften comedic problems
  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber may be used to aid in deeper cleansing as needed

EXFOLIANTS: Your Esthetician / Technician Will Choose

Exfoliants will be used gently and carefully to remove dead skin build-up while deep cleansing your pores. Our goal is to reduce acne bacterium. Many exfoliants can also
reduce inflammation, remove black head and reduces excess oil production.

  • Papaya & Oatmeal Enzyme Peel (Superficial)
  • Corrective Vit C Zyme Peel (Superficial)
  • Glycolic Peel (Superficial)
  • Alchimie Kantic Brightening Moisture Masque (Sensitive Skin / Ethnic Skin)
  • Alchimie Forever Brightening Peel (Sensitive skin / Ethnic Skin)
  • Alpha Hydroxy with Mardelic Acid (Sensitive/Ethnic/Mature Skin)

BALANCING Skin Tonics: Your Esthetician /Technician Will Choose

  • Balancing Tonic – For Skin Calming after Treatment
  • Exfo Tonic – A blended skin therapy tonic for stubborn acne
  • Witch Hazel to calm

THERAPY – Treatment Masques: Your Esthetician /Technician Will Choose

  • Calming Sulfur
  • Balancing Thermal gel with Aloe
  • Collagen Healing Masques
  • Inflammation Reduction Therapies
  • Pigment Balancing


  • Control Corrective Matte Day Cream SPF 30 (all skin types)
  • (Gives environmental protection against free radicals and the sun)

SPOT TREATMENTS: For Treating Problem Areas

  • O2 Pro Booster Acne Spot Therapy
  • High Frequency to kill acne bacteria
  • Radio Frequency
  • Microcurrent
  • Oxygen
  • Led (Cool light Therapy)

Initial Consult & Intro Acne Treatment $125

The First Treatment
“Managing Acne and Mature Skin”

60-minute Appointment


What’s included in your first appointment?

1. A Consultation: You’ll have lots of questions so we provide guidance and recommendations throughout the initial procedure.

2. An INTRODUCTORY Acne Treatment: This will include a combination of healing acne therapies as determined by your Esthetician / Technician.

The initial ACNE treatment is a working consultation with specialized skin therapies to help you with possible acne triggers that could be contributing to your cycle of breakouts. The consultation will help us identify and then create a customized clinical and home care treatment plan, specifically for your lifestyle, and your individual skincare needs. Our Technicians have a “tool box” of proven acne therapies to choose from, to allow us to treat the specific issues they identify in your skin. Ideal for all skin types, including Ethnic Skin & Sensitive Skin.

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