Closing Our Doors

A Message From the Owner

Dear Clients, Patrons and Friends,

The harsh reality of life is that businesses fail everyday. It's just statistics. But whenever a business does fail, that means someone's dream has died. A business becomes a living, breathing thing. It takes on a life of its own and grows well beyond its original blueprint with hard work and some luck. It's molded by the people who create it and the clients who patronize it. It's nurtured and sustained by the devotion of its employees and the community in which it resides.

The Nouveau Clinic has been my absolute passion for 20 + years. I've watched it grow from a fledgling company launched in January of 2000, into a business that exceeded my wildest expectations. I was always fiercely proud that Nouveau made a difference in our client's lives. We weathered many economic challenges during our business lifetime. The recession in early 2002, the financial market crash of 2008, and the economic fallout after 9/11...

... But the Covid pandemic has been different. This time it was a health crisis which created an immediate and unprecedented economic crisis for most businesses. We were not prepared for this catastrophic event. Like many other businesses across our country, we were forced to suddenly close our doors and cease all operations to shelter in place. This extended loss of revenue, taxed resources, social distancing mandates and other trickle-down business challenges, created the perfect storm. Unfortunately, this was a catastrophic event for us that created insurmountable financial problems for our small company. Sadly as a result, we just could not weather the storm or recover to reopen our doors.

After a long and painful reflection process, I have now had to make the hard but necessary decision to close the doors to The Nouveau Clinic permanently, due to our financial losses.

It's not easy to say goodbye to my company, my staff, my amazing clients and my wonderful business associates. Twenty years in business is a long time for any company. We know that many businesses will fail as a result of this economic fallout. We regret that we have to count ourselves among those casualties.

I wanted to take a final moment to say thank you to all of our wonderful clients, patrons, business associates and friends, who stood by us and supported us throughout all these years. We could not have grown without you!

I also wanted to say thank you once again to everyone, for your well wishes during this pandemic, and your continued compassion, understanding and support. We are entering uncharted waters as we navigate this painful and unfortunate closing of our company.

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Evie Delaney / Owner

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